some aggression issues

The picture above is of a board and train dog that has some resource guarding I have started including Kishmish into my night bringing Kishmish up to my bedroom while I work on my computer and by giving the dog a bone. Every five minutes i give the OUT command and Kishmish backs away from the bone..i pick it up hold it for a few seconds...put it down and then give the dog the command to go back to chewing on it...and we do it over and over and over again

Willow doing a great downstay...

Willow in the Place command..we spend a lot of time on the basics over and over is the foundation of my training program

Fargo, Nestor and George are going to be living in the same home...Nestor and George were just rescued and have come to me for a 2 week bootcamp to get some basic training before going home

Zeke the dog on the left is highly dog aggressive and is doing very well after just a few days of training