Treadmill Time

We have just converted 2 of the basement rooms into an indoor training area with a mock living room as well as a treadmill so we can exercise dogs while we door some indoor training of other dogs...they love the treadmill and I am excited at the amount of extra exercise that the dogs will be getting...

Uma on the treadmill today

Kishmish strutted his new hairdo....Kishmish was groomed this morning

Zeke who needs to drop a few pounds is going to be spending lots of time on the treadmill, Zeke also has some dog/dog aggression issues which we have been working on

We did some off leash training at the beach today with a few dogs...this is Max crashing through the waves to get a ball out in the ocean

The dogs had a great time running around the beach and into the leash beach work is lots of fun

Molly and Willow doing great downstays while the kids play on the swing set....great distraction training

Kishmish looks great with his new haircut...

Molly and Willow in Place while George is in a downstay...