Treadmill Video

I put together a short video of the treadmill in action....

We will be working every dog on the treadmill every day...more exercise more structure for the dogs every day. I will be putting a how to video

We decided to add more training space and we just finished off 2 rooms in the basement and we are going to have some more great indoor training space.

Sakari was in Place command while I was doing some office work today...she is growing up to be such an incredible well trained dog

Diamond in a downstay in our family room while the kids are running is important that all dogs learn to remain calm and relaxed when children are running around the house.

A new whirlygag has arrived on the property....for some reason it is just not catching the wind the way it should..which is a big concern to both Clover and Romy

Willow looks like a cartoon character as the dogs run around the play yard...