Aggressive Dogs

We currently have 2 dogs on the property that have issues with other dogs and 1 has issues with both dogs and people...Zeke has been with us for about a week and with some intensive training and socialization as well as a strict structure for the whole part of his day we had him go into the play yard off leash with the other dogs today.. It worked out great....Zeke actually greeting other dogs properly and let other dogs greet growling.....not T'ing of other dogs...all good canine communication..we were all very psyched to have this happen..

Zeke giving Kishmish an old fashion Solid K9 Training secret my book this is an acceptable greeting between 2 dogs and usually does not lead to a fight

Max and Zeke try to avoid the constant licking of the face from George and Sakari

George has had enough play at the moment and finds a nice spot to hang out

Nestor strikes a pose...she went home today after being with us for 4 weeks

Mabel came into the program yesterday for a 2 week board and train..she also has dog/dog issues as well as dog/people she was in the play yard with all of the the power of my pack has had an instant positive effect on her.

Max keeping an eye on Mabel to make sure she stays out of trouble......

I found out today that I will need to get another engine for my you might remember a few months ago I got another engine because the original one had about 200,000 miles on it.....well...on Monday a coolant hose burst and I did not realize it until it was too late and my engine was we ordered another one.....not good timing at all....oh well....we can't control the world just how we react to the I am okay with all of this