Treadmill Time day 2

Great day today....the treadmill has been a big hit...I brought a dog home today after a 2 week boot camp...Diamond came to me a very nervous dog without a good grasp of commands...she went home confident and trained...loving to work and happy to do what she is asked to do...another great success story from our boot camp

Today is the 2nd day that Kishmish went on the treadmill and was leash free...Kishmish LOVES the treadmill

Treadmills can be very dangerous and you need to always be supervising your dog on not tie the dog to the treadmill

Sakari loves going onto the treadmill and will be including this into her daily routine

Uma loves to jump and swim...the girl can catch some serious air..yep the pool is still open and the dogs go in it daily

when not training dogs or rock climbing ...the Gellman girls have ballet...the great thing about homeschooling our kids that we have the opportunity to do what we want when we want as far as different activities for the kids

this is the chick i'm married to...and yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary, we went out to Bob & Timmy's on Federal Hill and got some great pizza...