Fall is here

Today I did i nice benefit for A.D.O.P.T in Cranston, spent a few hours there with 3 of my dogs just having kids come and pet my dogs. It was so nice to see so many children petting the dogs...I am very proud of Cinco who came to me 10 days ago doing some great downstays while so many children were all over him....Cinco was an out of control dog just 10 days ago and has turned into a well behaved dog who loves to play when it is time to play but when it is time to work he works.

Cinco and Uma in Place command they spent most of the 4 hours either in Place or in downstay.

Kishmish and George playing in the play yard.......I love this time of year where the weather is a little cool in the morning and then the sun comes out. All of the dogs both small and large play in the yard together. I find that dogs don't care about size its the owners that get freaked out about little dogs playing with big dogs....some of the best friendships that have been formed have been between large and small dogs.

Part of the crew waiting to be let back into the kennel to eat a meal.....Mabel who is a Corgi mix, the dog that has her nose to the fence is also making great progress....

Jessica, one of my assistants getting ready to take Kishmish, George, Sakari and Willow for a big power walk..

All dogs walk individually as well as in a pack...the power of the pack is a huge training tool. It is important that dogs learn to exist around other dogs in a controlled environment. It teaches dogs about dog/dog communication.

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