Swimming Time

Yes we swim everyday...yesterday was an awesome day in the pool...for one dog in particlular..Zeke and Australian Cattle dog who came to me with dog/dog aggression issues has found true happiness in life...we have unleashed the true spirit in this dog...he also came to me about 20lbs overweight....he is losing weight...finding his true passion of exercise and work and having the time of his life....

Zeke and Cinco both jump into the pool and go for the same pool toy...looks like Cinco got to the toy first

Zeke comes back with a pool toy...yes we have the heater turned on in the pool...yes it is expensive to run the pool heater...but we feel it is important to swim our Board and Train dogs daily and it is worth it in the long run..

Cinco just jumps into the pool and makes a big splash....he has no fear and loves to swim

We usually have about 5 dogs at a time in the pool area...they love the interaction and it is such good low impact exercise for them

Clover helps out with distraction training..with the dogs in a down/stay

Zeke, Molly and Cinco getting ready for a morning training walk

Mabel has been making great progress and walks around the play yard during free time, which is huge for her...When she first came to us she would find a corner of the yard and stay in it...her confidence is building every day