Mo and Mo Swimming

More and more swimming....we have such a great crew of dogs that love to swim and we are taking advantage of the pool being open

Kishmish runs around the pool chasing down the dogs that are in the pool....

Uma catches some air while Kishmish keeps running around the pool

Zeke cracking a nice smile while in the PLACE command..

Yes the pool gets very busy....all of the dogs love to swim...they all learn great social well as intense exercise

Cinco catches some air as he flies into the pool

Molly in Place, George in a down/stay and Willow tries out the treadmill, this is one of our basement rooms that we use exclusively for dog training

Clover supervises Zeke on the treadmill..remember never  tie off the leash to the treadmill..the leash on Zeke is just placed over the treadmill handle

Molly trying to engage Zeke in some play

Sakari looking stunning...she is growing into such an intense dogs