After the Rain

After a day of no swimming on Sunday, the dogs could not wait to get into the pool and start swimming..yesterday was a perfect day to swim...well..most days are perfect days to is an important part of our training and exercise program....

it looks like Otis is going for a ride on the back of Molly....Otis has turned into one of our biggest swimmers......the great thing is his owners live right by a nice body of water so he will be able to continue his swimming year round

Otis catching some incredible air as he dives into the pool to go after the duck decoy...this dog is only with me for 2 weeks .....what I could do with a dog like this if I had more time...he is a rescue who was with the family for just a week or so and then came to me...he will be going back to the family with some incredible awesome dog

Mollly and Otis coming out of the pool...these 2 have become great friends..and Molly is up for adoption....high energy dog...great swimmer...well trained......good with kids

This is Beethoven...we have decided to train him in a series of 5 sit/stays, 5 down/stays for some reason he responds well to the number 5...not sure why but it is interesting

Mabel in a sit/stay in the kids play yard...Mabel has been making some really great progress...the big thing with her has been her confidence..when we get a dog in that has some aggression issues...we like to say they have bad coping skills and do not understand how they are supposed to act in certain what we do is raise up the confidence level of the dogs through lots of confidence building exercises...this helps dramatically with how dogs live their life

This is huge for Mabel to be doing a down/stay...when she came to us she really fought this position...we find that the downstay is the best way for a dog to deal with its nervousness...

Kishmish in a downstay while the other dogs are swimming...Kishmish loves to run around the pool while the dogs are in the for Kishmish to be doing this it will help in his reactionary behavior

Clover and Kishmish on the treadmill while Bailey is in a sit/stay...Bailey came to me with some dog/dog by immersing
him into a 2 week bootcamp with lots of other dogs and not allowing him to act aggressively the dogs and put him in every situation possible we will be showing him there is a much better way to live his life which will lead to less stress and more content

Clover running around in the treadmill area while Bailey gets a workout with Andrea...the ultimate distraction....

Clover and Romy just acting silly while the dogs work...this is when the dogs go back home they are not reactive to children and stay focused on their commands and proper behavior

Clover and Romy hanging out with Haley as she is waiting to use the treadmill

George hanging out in Place until it is his time to go on the treadmill...the biggest thing that we are working on with George at the moment is his calming skills..he is doing great with all of his commands..

This is a typical picture of Sakari...she follows Max around alot...she looks up to him and he always takes care of her and makes sure everything is going well.

Just a little FYI for anyone that is thinking about doing a board and train with us....the rate for a 2 week board and train was just increased and with another increase happening the first of the year...we are doing this because of the additional staff that is on board with us and the dogs are getting more and more hours of training every day......we offer the most intense board and train around..dogs are not just work in a few 30 minute sessions a day like most board and train facilities and then put back in their kennels...dogs are worked all day long and also spend a good amount of time in the play yard learning the skills of proper play with other dogs..