Iphone photos jut aren't the same

Looking through my photos from the other day...I always have some from my Iphone...not the best photos but I wanted to capture the moment that I thought was important..I think it is time to upgrade to the new Iphone..October is the month that I am available for an upgrade and I think I will take advantage of that...being able to take a movie and email it or post it to facebook and my blog will be great...if you are not a part of my facebook group you can join me...


I am going to start doing regular posts on this group with regular videos and free training tips along with training advice.

A ray of happiness shines down on  Haley as she does a great downstay while all of the other dogs can run free in the play yard. Haley is making some great progress in the last few days...She is understanding the concept of our training program and building some wonderful confidence in all situations

George who is about 16 or 17 weeks old and has been with me for about 1 month is one excitable dog....so he is the last person to eat at meal time and he has to stay in a downstay until all of the other dogs have gotten their food...he needs to learn some calming skills and this has worked wonders for him...

George and Beethoven in a downstay....yes...we work the downstay alot...it is a very important command for dogs to learn...think about it..when a dog is in a downstay and actually stays in a downstay the cannot jump up on people, nip at kids, steal food from tables or any of the other bad habits that dogs tend to do..this is the best command to use at outdoor cafes so you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal and your dogs do not go after other dogs.

Beethoven, who came to me not exactly the most kid friendly dog has been flooded with kid distractions...Clover and Romy are constantly running around and then running up to the dogs to pet them..why because it will probably happen to a dog when they are away from me and I don't want the dog to be reactive...

Yep more downstays...we usually work 2 or 3 dogs around the treadmill area..so when 1 dog is on the treadmill other dogs are either in place or downstays...

Pete makes sure that Beethoven is doing the commands correctly...it has been about 1 month since Pete got out of surgery to have his leg removed from cancer ...he is doing well...has not been able to put any weight on...but is active and eating well.

this weekend I will be in Harford for the CT Pet show...I will be doing 2 days of dog training demos..if anyone wants to come out and see the show..


No worries for all of the Board and Train dogs...we have 5 staff members at the kennel now...and 1 lives on the property with me..our board and train kennel is doing so well...I thank all of you who have entrusted your dogs with us..