Clover makes the world go around

One of the most powerful things that can happen with a dog at my facility is the power of my kids, the time that dogs spend with them is something that cannot be trained it just happens and it is incredible to watch...

Barkley and Clover hanging out in the play yard....its already hat season and Clover is excited..she has the best winter hats...

Clover and Beethoven running around the play yard...Beethoven is on his 3rd week with us...he came to us with no social skills and would  bite and go after dogs and people...Beethoven is finally a dog doing things that dogs are supposed to do and loving every minute of it

This shows the bond that Clover has with Beethoven...this is highly amazing for this dog to allow someone to go up to it like this...thanks Clover for working so hard with me to get the dogs so well trained

Attikis, Molly and Kendall explain  to Tugi the rules of the play yard....Tugi just came in for a 2 week boot camp this is the first hour on the property and the dogs are doing a great job of showing him the ropes.

Romy  overlooking the dogs playing...she loves to help supervise play is so incredible to watch her interaction with the they always give her space...don't jump up on her and allow her..

So....does this remind you of your kids that just got into the cookie jar...LOL