Its all good stuff

Big transition week...dogs in and dogs out, a wonderful dog left this week and he made so much progress over the 3 weeks that he was with us..Attikas really enjoyed his stay with us...made some awesome friends got under control with his commands.

Sakari showing some respect to Attikas, Sakari has learned some incredible greeting skills while she is with us...goes up to all of the dogs and properly greets them prior to play...we have moved Sakari into our house for the final phase of his training...she came to us at 14 weeks old and has been learning everything from us.

Kendall who will be up for adoption and came to me this week and Tugi who is a clients dog and also came to me this week having some play time in the yard.

Tugi, Attikas and Kendall running around the play yard during free time....every dog gets lots of time in the play yard where they learn how to properly interact with other dogs and children

Tugi, Kendall and Bailey getting lined up to go after Attikas...if you hang out in our play yard long enough you will learn so much about canine body language.....

Rocam Attikas, Uma and Max out with me on a long power walk..we have a great memorial of Cesar Chavez down the street from us...

This weekend I will have a few booths and doing training demos at the Fall Home Show at the RI Convention Center if anyone want s to stop by.