Another Great Testimonial

November 5, 2009

My husband and I had recently purchased our first home.  We had both grown up with multiple dogs in our households and had always known that the first thing we would do after getting a place of our own would be to get a dog.  Our first Holiday season in the new house we brought home Yenko, an eight week old rotwieller.  She was a wonderful addition to our family.  We socialized her as best we could and she grew very fond of playing with other dogs.  About 9 months later it became apparent that she desperately needed some companionship.  We searched high and low for what would be a great friend for her.  We looked into getting another puppy but couldn't stop thinking about all of the adoptable dogs out there that needed permanent homes.  One afternoon after searching through what seemed like countless dead ends on I came across something that looked interesting.  He was a 2 year old rottie named Billy and it directed me to a website that I know now very well called  I spent quite a bit of time that day looking through everything from Jeff's training methods to his experiences.  At that point it became very obvious that he rescued these dogs out of the goodness of his heart and gave them the second chance that most would not have.  He turned "problem dogs" into dogs that could become part of a family again.  I made a phone call and met Billy and Jeff at our home just days later.  They arrived with no promises but a very clear idea of what would be best for Billy.   Jeff and Billy (and Yenko) realized that this would be a good place for him and we went to pick him up just a week later.  It has been a few months now and we all could not be happier.  He has adapted to life here better than we could have hoped.  Jeff shared some of his training methods with us so we could continue to utilize them and grow Billy and has made himself available for questions through it all.  Even "miss" Yenko has learned a few things!  We want to send our thanks to Jeff and his team for making the whole experience so positive and for allowing Billy to become part of our family.
Bess, Jason, Yenko, and now Billy!