Fun Fall Day

Tons of new pictures going up today....tomorrow is the start of the RI home after my morning radio show which you can call between 7am-8am at 437.5000 for any of your dog training questions.

Clover and Romy playing in their castle outside while Kendall is in a downstay outside the door

Kendall and Beethoven  working on downstays

George and Molly working on downstays with a very high level distraction...screaming kids going down the slide and then running past them..the dogs don''t move..they are not told to STAY, they are only given the DOWN command 1 time .

Clover comes flying down the slide....and......dogs don't move

take a look at Romy, when I built the swing set I did not build any stairs, so if the kids want to go down the slide they need to either climb up the rockwall or the way that Romy is going up.

Romy works so hard getting up to the top so she can get to the slide

The journey is really nice but the destination is really awesome

Kishmish in a downstay and George is in Place

Roca and Kendall looking over the play yard to decide what is next for them

Tugi working on his downstay...she has been with us for a few days and is really understanding the training

Phoebe, who came in today, has never really played with other dogs, today was a great play day for her...she has some of the best playmates with Molly and Sakari

Tugi, Phoebe and Molly having a great time playing in the play yard...