When does it end?

Hopefully never...it just keeps getting better and better every minute/hour/day/month.

After the long weekend we don't get much rest from the long weekend of trade shows...that is the thing about working with dogs...they don't understand days of the week..they love to work...I think the most satisfaction that I get out of what I do is watching dogs get excited about working...going through all of the commands....working on distraction training....working with my kids....it is always fun watching a dog that is about to break a command and then they self correct themselves...they understand what we are teaching them...

I had some special training with just Max/Uma yesterday...I often work so hard training other dogs that I don't have enough time to work on my own..this is in busy Wayland Square..lots of cars/trucks/people make great downstay distraction training.

Romy/Clover and I went rock climbing last night...this is Romy at the start of a nice 5.5 climb

This is Coco...she runs the play yard, from inside the house...this couch overlooks the play yard and she gets the sun shining perfectly on her.

We will be announcing the day/time and location of my next public seminar. It will be announced on my radio show this Saturday.