Save the Date!!!!

Its official...another dog training seminar is scheduled...January 30th 2010 which is a Saturday night from 6pm-7:30pm with a reception afterword with food and drink. It is at the Beautiful Westin Hotel in Downtown Providence. We will be taking over the ballroom and having the most informative dog training seminar in New England. You will be able to see my dog training techniques and hear my philosophy. I will also have dogs for adoption that I have rescued, rehabbed and trained and you will be able to see how effective my training methods can be on rescue dogs that have only been with me for a couple of weeks.

This is a human only event so please don't bring your will be able to ask questions at the end as well s during the meet and greet after the event is done. Tickets are only $15.00 for each ticket or a pair of tickets for $25.00.

Tickets will be available on my website for sale by Monday the 16th of November. I will also have my tickets for sale at select businesses around the State of RI which I will announce soon.

Uma and Max discussing traffic flow counts in Wayland Square..they will be submitting their report next week Mayor so keep a look out for it

Tugi on the treadmill..yes my camera takes terrible action shots..Tugi walks on the treadmill at 3mph and really loves the workout

Nothing screams Fall like a couple of dogs in a pile of leaves...George and Kendall enjoy the fall weather

Kendall and Roca hanging out in the far Zach has filled up about 25 bags of leaves and lots more to do

A typical scene in the play yard during free time...all dogs get to spend free time how they want...they are always supervised and it is so much fun watching and learning about pack behavior. One can learn so much about canine communication by just watching a dog pack interact with each other.

Pete, the boxer in the blue coat,is still getting along fine....he keeps losing weight but is moving about just fine....his Cancer is spreading and is terminal...thank you to everyone for your support and donations to help out with his medical bills...