Busy Weekend #1

What a great weekend...dogs went home and I also was out at clients houses that went home last week and all of the dogs are doing so incredible...life has changed 180 degrees for these dogs and families and I am so proud of kennel workers/trainers that have turned these untrained dogs into incredible family pets...

Saturday was a rainy day and all of the kennel dogs still needed to be worked...nothing like working in the rain for 12 hours. I have lots of photos to be put up and I will put up two postings tonight since there is so many great photos...

The new tug toy in the play yard is a HUGE hit as Uma and Molly tug together and Kendall tries to get in on the action

Another one of the play yard toys is Tuff Toys hanging from a rope from a tree

Sakari plays with another knotted rope that the girls also swing from...the kids often compete for this rope

Molly deciding which toy to play with next..

Bam who came in a couple of days ago hangs out with Max

George and Kishmish hanging hanging out in the play yard...they have permission to go up on this particular table..they oversee the play yard and stay out of the way of some of the dogs

Clover works with George on the treadmill while Romy learns to walk on it as well...Clover and Romy are a HUGE part of my training program with the dogs..they do training and act as huge distractions...