Just another day

We have been so fortunate to have such nice days lately.....we work the dogs all day no matter what the weather is and we are all ready for the colder weather...all of the staff works outside for most of the day and the dogs really enjoy the work no matter what the weather is..We find that when we are told that dogs do not like the rain from the owners that we do not have a problem in the rain...it is usually the owners that do not like the rain...

Kishmish and George enjoy the leaves that we left in the play yard...both dogs have learned some great calming and play skills since coming to us..George is going back to his house this weekend...he is ready..

Molly, Tugi, Sakari, George and Kendall all playing together on Tugi's last day..he went home a couple of days ago after a 2 week boot camp..

Sakari has enrolled in our dental hygentist program and is working on George with some basic teeth cleaning

Once Sakari finishes cleaning Georges teeth she gives him a prey bite and warns him that it will hurt next time if she does not keep up wither her daily brushing...

Dogs that just arrive to the Board and Train program are greeted by Romy..a friendly face that puts most dogs at ease...Romy gets to play and train every dog that comes through the program

Told to put her toys away..Molly decides to hide her favorite toy under the toy box instead of in it...this way the other dogs will not get it.

Clover yelling to the staff to open up the door to the play yard so they can come in and play with the dogs...I often wonder what it must be like to be a child growing up with lots of dogs on the property and always seeing staff coming and going...often staff comes into our home for home cooked meals and the kids get to interact with them..

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