Rocky and Bella have arrived

2 new dogs came in this week. Bella is with me for a nice 6 week boot camp..she is a 6 month old dog which we will have so much fun working with her totally turning her life around...Rocky came to me with some going after dog and biting them problems...that is going to be the easy is the yeast infection in his ears that need to be attended to 2 times a day that he HATES....try to clean those out without a fight...first day in we were hopefully he will understand that we are trying to help and not make him feel more uncomfortable..of course I get to be the one that holds his head still...which is close to his mouth...which has teeth and a really strong jaw....hopefully they wont call me 8 finger Jeff in 2 weeks.

Rocky is a 90lb dog with some allergies, we are switching his food to our regular kennel food which is wheat, corn and soy free which most likely get rid of the yeast infections and clear up his eye...most likely he is in some sort of constant pain.

Bella has been having a great time the first 2 days of being with us...she is taking well to her training...being very social with all of the dogs and understanding our training program..

Molly is one of our best playing dogs...she makes all of the new dogs feel very welcome..which makes our job that much easier...

The other night I was driving up Waterman Street in Providence and 1 car up from me on the left side a dog lunged from its owner and almost got hit by a car that was in front of me driving by. The dog was jumping and pulling trying to get to another dog on the other side of the street that was walking by. I actually slowed down and stopped my car and asked if she needed any help controlling her was that bad..

The dog was on a flat collar and she had no control over her what is the point...why is it that she feels that she does not have to use the proper tools to train her a training collar and my training system which I give away for free on my website. This is not that difficult to eliminate and is a huge danger risk to both the owner and the dog...

It makes me think that if the dog was on one of those flexi leashes it would have snapped as they often do. I am asking everyone to please start training your dogs...why is it that we have so many dogs walking around pulling their owners around and being untrained....if you really love your dog you will start training it..not just buying it things..not just giving your dog treats and toys and fancy beds..but you will at least teach your dog the basics especially how to walk on a leash properly....if you do not have the budget for me that is fine..i give away all of my training advice on my website or you can call me and I will help you on the phone.