Jeff meets the Girl Scouts

One of the things today was head down to West Greenwich to speak to a local Girl Scout Troop about dogs and dog training...what a wonderful afternoon I had with these curious and enthusiastic young women. 90% of them owned dogs  and they all had questions...I brought with me Molly and Uma to use as demo dogs and everyone was able to grab the leash and start working with them. They ran them through the commands and I showed them all how to handle the dogs properly.

I had so much fun....if anyone else needs me to do free demos for kids groups or schools feel free to contact me at

teaching the Solid K9 Training method of a downstay...easy peasy 123sy

I use my forehead raising technique to communicate with Uma...

One of the girl scouts heeling Uma....all of the girls got a chance to work with both Uma and Molly...a big confidence boost for all of them..

Uma and Molly waiting and listening to me speak to the girls...they did such a great job and I am so proud of both dogs....