A new dog in town

Thanksgiving morning I went and picked up a new dog...she will be staying with us just for a few days (what Jeff, I thought you had a 2 week minimum on your Board and Train), well...if you are one of my training clients you have a lot of freedom with my board and train facility..

the best thing out of Bella's short stay is going to be the social skills that she learns...Roca who as we all know has a history of attacking both dogs and humans is actually the best greeter that I have..he makes sure he is gentle with all of the new dogs and Bella is going to have her confidence bulit up in a few short days since all of the dogs will show her how to play in a the play yard, she is in her imprinting stage of her puppyhood and this will last a lifetime

This is Rocky...he loves to ride shotgun with me...note to owners: look at his right eye...the redness is going down..little hairs are actually growing back...his ears look 1000% better..we actually clean them out without having to muzzle him...its all good

Romy showing everyone how we eat the Turkey leg

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