RI Dog Show

Today was the first day of the Bay Colony Dog show at the RI Convention Center..it was mostly just dogs being show for confirmation in the various rings and not much of the public was there...the same will be of Friday...the big days of the show will be Saturday and Sunday. Today was pretty uneventful..though I did have my run ins with some of the show people and even had someone from the AKC come over to me...I will talk about that conversation in my Sunday blog posting as I am already on the radar of them in not such a nice way and would not want to be thrown out of the show for speaking my mind....yes..I am holding my tongue for a whole 72 hours....don't worry I will have lots to say....so come on down to see me..if you listen to my radio show this Saturday from 7-8am on AM790 you can find out how to win free tickets to my upcoming seminar January 30th 2010 at the Westin Hotel.

One of the reasons I work so hard is to provide for my family.....and funky clothes aren't cheap people....so hire me to train your dogs