81 degrees and sunny

that is the temperature in West Palm Beach Florida, why does this matter..I will be flying down there on Wed for 2 days to train a dog. It is one of the horse farm dogs that I work with up in MA, the only difference on this horse farm is there is alligators in the canals on this farm...so there is no room for mistakes at all with this training...Ill be bringing Uma down as well to help out with the training...

Even though today was cold..we did some off leash recall work on the beach today in Portsmouth...j

Uma, Max and Kendall running on the beach today...it was a cold gray day and about 35 out..but we still love it by the water..

Max keeps an eye on Uma and Kendal as they swim out to get a rock

Yesterday we woke up to an inch or so of snow on the ground...out come some wise words from Clover "There is not enough snow for a snowman, so we will make snow angels instead"

Bella, settling down in Place for a nice 1 hour Place training session while I get some computer work done..she has come such a long way in a short time....

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