West Palm Beach or Bust

At the moment I am 35,000 feet up on a plane heading to West Palm Beach to do some dog training. I have a client that lives up in MA whose dog I train to work on a horse farm. In the winter they go down to West Palm Beach to do the dressage training there. So I am bringing the dog down and then doing 2 days of training with him...it is so much fun because Barkley is an off leash trained dog and I love to work with a working dog. I brought Uma with me to help out with the training. She makes a great distraction and also a great training partner for Barkley. Uma flies in the cabin with me since she is a Service Dog of mine...she just lays at my feet the whole time.Does not even move for takeoff or landing

Uma lays at my feet in the plane..notice how I have her laying under my seat so I can still put me feet in front of myself..we use the UNDER command for this..same command we would use in a restaurant to have her go under the table and not move..we practice that alot at the food court at the mall.

this is a crappy photo from my phone..but this is Barkley..he was in a nice downstay for 30 minutes while we were filling out the paperwork...lots of people going by..lots of luggage on wheels...TSA carts...and did he move...nope not once...because he was trained to do a down/stay properly...no food, no clickers, just training...and I had my back to him multiiple times while I was filling out paperwork...I did not ever worry that he was going to move...to all you AKC show dog breeders and handlers...try that one at home

Piper and Sakari getting ready to have some fun.....the 2 of them are stuck together like glue..they have such a great time together

Piper and Sakari act out a You Tarzan, Me Jane scenerio....hey its play time..they can sort of do what they want

Falco who came in to the kennel yesterday has jumped right into training...he is an awesome dog..we will continue his training in German.

Falco in Platz waiting for his turn to use the treadmill

Sakari and Falco playing in the snow this morning..the dogs love the snow and I have about 4 dogs with me that have never seen snow before..it was fun to watch them run around in it