95 degrees today

I am in West Palm Beach working with a clients dog for 2 days..it was 95 degrees today...this afternoon I had to go to the bathroom...so I go into a restaurant and go to a stall..unzip my fly and then....holy shit...my balls were missing....thats because I sweated them off by 11am that morning it is so HOT!!!!!!!

It has been going really well...Barkley is doing great at his new horse farm learning the ways of the barn for his winter stay.

the canal behind Barkley has alligators in it and he has to learn to stay away from all canals in Florida, this is on the farm property

Working on Place in the new barn, it is very important that since Barkley is an off leash dog he needs to have a rock solid PLACE command

Some of the basic distractions are horses...lots and lots of horses....

This is the sister farm of the horse farm up in MA that I train Barkley at, he will be at this farm for the winter months...it is new construction and parts of it are still being built...it is such a beautiful space and it is important that all of the dogs on the property keep away from the horses and out of the stalls, the practice ring and the paddocks

whats that behind the dogs....mmmm...a big bulldozer moving dirt around the new dressage ring...are the dogs moving...nope...down is down..why would they move...just because the bulldozer shakes the ground and makes lots and lots of noise

how about when the dozer dumps the load of dirt...nope...dogs don't move....downstay is downstay

Donna works with Barkley, she is the owner of the farm and has been so great to me for flying me down to work with Barkely...we got so much done in the 36 hours that I was there.

we took some time off from the farm training to do some off leash beach training...yep...West Palm Beach right down the street from Madoff country...the houses are incredible down there..but the beach was awesome..

I took 3 dogs with me to the beach

I just got back from Florida....I only got about 3 hours of sleep both nights...I need to get up to do my radio show tomorrow..i will put up more pictures over the weekend