What a Trip

I did not have time to recover from my quick 2 day trip to Florida, I started my morning with a 5:30am wakeup , got ready for my radio show at 7am and then had a full day of clients on the road. I have some more great photos from the trip I want to get up...

There is a huge dog park by my clients house in Florida, she wanted to go so she could feel more comfortable with her dog at the park.

the park is one of the nicest I have ever seen, lots of water sources...lots of seperate play yards...dirt piles, tunnels, the park was at least 3 acres, very well designed...good signage with rules..lots of benches everything done correctly

One of the horses had to get a visit from the vet, it had an eye issue that needed to be addressed...so what do we do when the vet arrives is we put the dogs in Place. keep in mind that both dogs are off leash and yes they have e-collars on...we are talking about training with ZERO mistakes..there is no room for mistakes around the barn...dogs need to listen to all commands every time.

All of the training is done with a leash first and then is moved to off leash training...this is a much higher level of training than any training that is done with a traditional classroom training.

this was taken at the Grand Prix Dressage Expo..the best dressage riders in the country are there ..Barkley has become incredible around dogs...

Diana, who is one of the premier dressage riders in the country is warming up for the day's competition

Diana getting feedback from the trainers of Cutler Farms

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