Line them up

I take about 100 pictures a day and sometimes never know what I am going to find when I load them up on my interesting photo below has all of the dogs lined up with Clover....interesting

4 dogs all lined up..they were in the play yard having fun and Clover who loves to spend time out with the dogs...

Mocha in a downstay in the middle of the play yard...Mocha came over with his owenrs..they are regular clients who want Mocha to be obedient with a high level of distractions such as otehr dogs and kids running around

Bella and George figuring out a strategy to get the Kong away from does not work...Clover making sure that there is no fighting between the dogs...she is a great pack leader

Clover is trying to engage Sakari in some rope play...

Keep in mind that it is getting everyone go out and get cold weather gear for you and as well as rain gear...NO EXCUSES...we live in New England folks..