Lifes a Beach

Monday I did some great training off leash at the beach.. I brought one of my board and train dogs Falco with us....he did great....he is such an incredible dog..we had so much fun..obviously all dogs have to be trained to do a recall off leash...

Falco going after a ball, he has such wonderful ball drive...

Max, Uma and Falco all go after the ball.....we switch from going after balls on the beach and in the is good to mix it up...all dogs wear e-collars when working off leash...why..because when dogs are off leash I expect 100% obedience 100% of the time...this is the way I operate..and if you do not work your dogs off leash then you would not understand the importance that e-collars have as an incredible tool for training dogs...I will always have other trainers try to tell me how mean an e-collar or shock collar is...they are just ignorant and don't understand how to train a high level dog in the real world...outside with real distractions..not fenced in a agility ring or a classroom.

Holy shit...its loch ness Falco seen in East Greenwich RI

whats the chances of 2 loch nesses in 1 day....loch ness Uma is seen for the first time in 3 years

Get into the truck....all dogs stop what they are doing and head into the truck to end the training/play session

Bella in PLACE while I eat some lunch..she is with me for a 6 week board and train and is doing great

Training w/clientsJGellman