6 degrees out

this morning when I left the house it was 6 degrees..and if it was up to Roca he would sleep outside...being a long haired Akita he enjoys the cold weather..but I put him in and closed the access door from my personal kennel...lots of fun this week..the kids did tie dye this week and made socks, scarves and material to make herb pillows.

Romy  rubber bands the fabric getting ready for tie dye

Clover loves to tie dye...jessica's husband is in the background with one of the drums that he just repaired

Clover tries out the drum...

Clover and Romy hang out with Kendall in Place while staying warm in front of the fireplace...all dogs spend time training inside of the house working on household management commands...

lesson for the day...don't let your kids watch reruns of Fat Allbert

Obi, who just came in yesterday needs lots of special care...he has an injury and cannot be worked. so he will spend lots of time with obedience commands, calming skills. He will get daily massage, reike and sound healing which should help him