Dogs Love Snow

We had a small snowstorm on Sunday and our area of Providence got about 16 inches or was a wonderful change of pace of the cold winter that we were having..since the temperature went up a little...the dogs love being in the in addition to all of the training both inside and outside they played in the snow all day and got very very tired.

Make a friend this holiday season...Bandit and Kendall meet..Bandit and Storm came over today for some fun snow play

Sakari having a great time in her first winter....she goes home this weekend

Falco and Bandit enjoy the snow....Falco goes home today to Hartford CT...he was such a great dog to work with..

The great thing about the snow is that the dogs can actually stay out in it longer than on the days that were in the teens and it acts as an insulation when they lay in it...

Kishmish ran with all of the big dogs all day...she just was groomed this week...she is from California from some serious rehab work..she is ready to go home..i will have to finalize her training and start making arrangements fro her trip back

Listen guys....small dogs do not taste like have to believe me....Kishmish is really good at negotiating out of a large dog pileup

Roca has turned into the most incredibly playful dog...this is his type of weather...and if it was up to him he would sleep outside all night..during the day durning down time.he just lies down like a horse in a big pile of snow and falls asleep

our outside water bucket plugs in and stays defrosted...when dogs eat snow it dehydrates them so  they always need fresh water available during the day

Clover helps Romy get out of the snow...

Bella works on the Place command while Romy plays in her play room..all of the dogs work inside the house on commands