NYC for a pickup

I went to NYC on tuesday night to pick up a board and train dog that will be in a 3 week boot camp..arriving at around 9pm I spent about an hour with my client get background info, one of the big issues is the dog/dog aggression that he is exhibiting at dog parks and other dogs met on the after going downstairs with him I opened up the van door and put him in with Max....first test to see how Hemingway does with another dog... a little growling from them and a quick ENOUGH from me and all was fine.

Heading back to Providence my van lost engine power right over the CT/NY border a was able to roll into a rest stop, after looking under the van I realized that the oil pressure gauge sensor broke off the engine block..WTF...the engine oil leaked out and I was stranded..15 degrees outside and 11:30pm and 150 miles from PVD...

Hemingway is a 120lb Irish Wolfhound mix enjoying a deer antler in the soon to be broken down van

After a quick call to AAA they picked me up on a flatbed truck and drove me back to PVD...I had to leave the dogs in the van while up on the flatbed, I arrived at the mechanics in Providence at 3:30am and slept in the van with the went down to 6 degrees that night...I stayed nice and warm sleeping in between 2 large 6:30am Jessica was able to pick me up on the way to the kennel and dropped me off at home...

THE ENGINE IS GONE...DONE...AND YES I JUST HAD IT INSTALLED LESS THAN 30 DAYS AGO... is this what happens to someone that rescues dogs for free...what kind of sick joke is this on me...LOL

Hemingway fits right in and runs and plays with the dogs...he is going to learn how to navigate a play yard properly...

Hemingway and Roca have hit it off incredibly well...

Clover and Romy hanging out with Sakari in the family room while she enjoys a nice bone

Bella loves going on the treadmill...she has learned so much while with me and is ready to go home..we are all so proud of her..

Bella in a downstay next to the christmas tree filled with lots of distractions to chew on

Obi working his downstay by the front door working on calming commands with some inside training

Clover and PeeWee getting some bonding time

For all of you who are getting a puppy this holiday season make sure you listen to my radio show this Saturday on AM790. I will be discussing how to properly start off your training with your new pup and you will eliminate so many unwanted behaviors.