Christmas Day

Just another day at the Kennel..the only thing different is I did not have to go to any clients houses, I did have to pick up 2 dogs for a board and train this AM, and my staff had the day off...Jessica was nice enough to come in and take all of the dogs for a nice power walk first thing this morning as well as giving everyone breakfast.

So all of the dogs had some nice indoor training while the kids opened up presents...the perfect time to practice the Place command. All dogs worked on the treadmill today as well...lots of indoor training and lots of play outside went on..I think I am not going to get the van fixed. It kills has become a part of me, part of my business. I started to look around for something else..maybe just a cargo van...something to haul dogs around...they often get so muddy, so wet and so smelly...i need something to just hose down the inside with..if anyone has a used vehicle for sale I would be willing to talk to you about it...

Obi in Place while the girls open up there stockings

Hemingway in Place while Kishmish has the run of the house...Kishmish is on his final exams with us...we allow him to be free around the house with all of the activity people coming and running around to make sure he is not biting anyone which was one of his problems.

Romy and Clover in their new outfits along with new motorized toothbrushes...I am not a big fan of those matching tops and bottoms but.....I think I like these...thanks Popi and Nani

Sent in from sunny California...what every 4 year old dog trainer wants....thanks Grandma and Grandpa Gellman..

Hemingway, who just came in from NYC in the PLACE command while Kishmish and Pete just hang out with the kids

Kishmish had a very tiring day inside with the kids...takes a quick nap in the foyer of the house...

Piper on the treadmill...PIper was picked up this morning and went straight to work...Piper is a regular board and train client and came onto the property like she owns the place went to all of the dogs kennels to say hi and had a great first day

above is a great video of 2 dogs that came in today doing some treadmill work

No Youtube video going up on this one...not working you will download the above file and you will be able to see the great treadmill