Summer is Here

What a nice day today, it felt like summer...the great thing about today was that all of the snow melt so we were able to do a great poop cleanup in the play yard and then tonight I was able to sanitize the yard down at night with dissinfectant. Today was also Romy's 3rd birthday party and most of the dogs were able to do some training inside during the party which offered a great distraction training moment for them...

Hemingway in a downstay while Romy opens her presnts...he is one of my NYC dogs that came up to work on some dog/dog issues as well as his off leash recall and refine his basic commands

that is one serious birthday girl

Bella in Place while we all enjoy a nice fire yesterday..

Bam gets very relaxed while I cut his nails today...he is making lots of great progress with us

Obi who suffered an injury prior to coming to us needs lots of physical no only does he get a specialized training program but he gets almost daily massages...Jessica has a does canine massage, reiki and sound healing and the dogs respond extremely well to it

Lilly who is a yellow retriever puppy is the new dog and all of the dogs give her a proper greeting..she is getting along with all of the dogs and having a great time....

Fenway came in today so of course everyone has to smell his what do you think guys? smell like an elkhounds butt?

all of the dogs had a great is good to see Hemingway how he has evolved...when he first came to us he would run out into the play yard all aggressive like and bark and chase and jump on dogs..and the last 36 hours he has been acting much more dog like...

this group of dogs all play together so well..they all have a great time running and playing chasing each other

Piper and Rocco checking out Kendalls winter coat...

Thanks to all of you for getting your tickets..we are selling a lot of the VIP seats as well which is really nice since part of that money goes to the rehab of my rescue dogs...if you want to get your tickets go to and get yours today