Yeah its train your dog

I realize it is cold...I realize you don't want to be outside but you still need to work your dog...walk your dog, run your dog, train your dog...get a treadmill...we find that a treadmill can be the most effective training tool when it comes to dog can build confidence and trust in your dog, you exercise your dog both mentally and physically.

Hemingway getting used to the treadmill...he had his first succesful run on it after the run we have him do sit/stays and down/stays on it...he will fall in love with the treadmill...I will have a video up of him on it in the next couple of days

A client sent me this photo of her dog Kona who runs with her every day always more than 10 miles a fact the other day Kona went on a 18 mile run with for fun...what does Kona do ,flies over the snow...what an awesome picture of her...

Rocco working on place in the kitchen..he is staring at Coco in the crate...Rocco has been making great progress with his commands..

Rocco in Place around our dinner table he is really loving our family unit

Lilly who needs help holding commands for a long period of time is working on her downstays with lots and lots of distractions

Rocco on the treadmill...he is at the point that He can go on it while I work with the other dogs...and there is so many distractions at the moment....Hemingway and Lily in a downstay while the kids run around making lots of noise....