What they don't teach you at Harvard

They teach you alot of things at Harvard..I have met many Harvard MBA graduates...one thing they don't teach you is the fine art of Multi-tasking that I do every day...the art of parenting and dog training rolled into one.

Working Fargo in a downstay while I cleanup Romy after a really big nasty poop...yep...

Framework is done for the greenhouse...more shitty weather though..is going to keep me from putting the top on

Hemingway and Max help me out with a clients dog with some off leash recall training

Max coming out of the woods after going after some stray dogs that are not listening to me...he loves herding the dogs that don't come when called

I picked up Fargo and Nester Sunday night for a board and train...they are fun to work with and don't take up much space LOL

Hemingway and Nester agree on terms of the play yard while Piper is looking to avoid the whole conversation

when it is time to eat we eat in an orderly fashion..

hello....hello...ummmmmm anyone out here?