Your 3, of course you have to help with the Kennel

Romy is 3 and has always helped out in the kennel, but she is 3 and it is time to step it up a little in the Gellman household...we don't raise no wimps and the freezing winter or the rain is no reason not to strap on some boots and a jacket and get to work.

Romy helping bring the clean laundry out to the kennel..A few months ago Linda kicked me out of her laundry room and forced me to build her a new the kennel has its own private laundry and we keep it very very busy.

we need to get pathways down to cement and often we have to use this 25lb metal boulder mover and it is the perfect weight to chip away ice...well...get to work kids if you want to eat lunch...

and then do another load of laundry....and another load of laundry and then back to the ice

Romy still needs a little help on her folding technique, but boy does she make a HUGE effort

why do we train dogs to do rock solid sit/stays, so I can tie my shoe and take a picture next to traffic rushing by...hey LP shouldn't your dogs be sitting?

8 dogs no 8 pack rocks

hey in the brochure you guys mentioned that I will be in with the big dogs...but since I am 8 lbs..I was thinking maybe 20 or 30lb dogs...what is up with these 100lb dogs? this is not so bad....I can have fun with this crew.....actually Nester has a great time running around with all of the dogs...she is a very confident dog..loves to run and play with all of them

its time to clean the how can I incorporate dog training into that....I put Hemingway into a down/stay and then start moving things around...throwing things out..stacking things up...climbing over Hemingway and of course...he does not move

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