Another Great Testimonial

Solid K9 Training

Dear Jeff and Staff,

Now that the holidays are over Cathy and I wanted to take a minute to say “Thank You” for all your help with Haley.  We should also say Thank you for your help with Maggie.  Everything you taught to Haley, sit, stay, down, place and especially walking properly we were able to teach Maggie.  We continue walking them twice a day and work them on their other commands around the house.  We seem to be on way to having two well behaved dogs.  Everyone comments on the changes in their behavior.

We have a very busy house, even more so during the holidays.  The dogs were well behaves at both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They stayed in front of the fireplace with lots of people and food only a few feet away.

One of our concerns when we brought Haley to you was her behavior with children and especially with the newborn baby.  We are happy to report that Haley and Autumn-Rose are on their way to being friends.  We continue to keep a close watch on her but when we play with the baby on the floor she will lie in place, maybe check out what’s going on and usually goes to sleep.

We hope to bring them both up for a few days so they can continue to improve their social skills with other dogs.

Once Again we would like to say “Thank You” to you and everyone at Solid K9 Training for all you help.