Lifes a Beach

Today was a great day to do some off leash beach work today at 2nd beach...I brought Uma, Max and Roca with me to help out....they love doing beach work..nothing like a romp in the ocean in cold January in New England..

Uma and my client Bear running on the beach..

Roca emerging from the ocean a newer stinkier dog

part of my training crew this morning..we had so much fun at the was cold...the ocean was cold...the dogs don't care...they had a great time..

does anyone see that low flying orange disc...what in Middletown, I call someone about this?

we all had a great time...remember that I have the most exciting dog training seminar coming up in less than 2 weeks...if you have not gotten tickets you still have is real easy..if you click on the little ad on my blog page to the can buy your tickets online and print them out..

Training w/clientsJGellman