Off leash recall training

We went up to the land in Rehoboth today.....20 acres of training and it was raining and cold..we had lots of fun...I made a very short video of Kishmish doing a great attention to how quick Kishmish turns and runs to me when I say "Kishmish-HERE"

This is the final results from my training system...I train all of my dogs without food...I want a dog to come back to me because I tell them to..not because I am going to give her food...

Kishmish and all of the other dogs were off leash running around...smelling..playing and chasing each other and having a great time...what they all do is COME when called....

you can download the below file

or you can click on the below link

Roca and Kishmish running after Jaeger out in the field

Kendall and Kishmish loving all of the off leash time

Wheres Kishmish?

We'll be Back....

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