Pack leader fun

Another great day doing off leash work on the property in Rehoboth...I took 8 dogs and we spent about an hour out working and playing...I filmed just a few minutes at the end..showing how to control a pack with minimum words and just will see that most of the time my hands are in my pockets and I am walking very relaxed..yet I have great energy that controls the the end of the video we all head towards a busy street..I make sure all of the dogs do not go on the other side of the van or in the street..this is important..all dogs enter the van 1 at a time (well accept Piper who slips in behind me)...

this is a  basic video but the message is strong...the reward of being a strong pack is that a dog can go out on these excursions with me.

Bam taking a break on today's excursions

Wilderness excursions are great for training since there is so many distractions to test all of the dogs on recall.