Busy Weekend

This was an incredible weekend....not only was I jammed with clients and the radio show....my seminar sold out almost twice..it sold out by Friday morning so I met with the the Westin Hotel and we were able to add 50 more seats..and the night of the show we sold almost all of those..I want to thank everyone who came to the show...I taped it and have lots of photos and I will have some edited video up by the end of the week.

4 new dogs came into the kennel this week and we are having a great time with them...it is always nice to get new dogs in since we get to see so much change with them. The swimming pool has been finished being covered and we finally have an indoor heated swimming pool. so while it is 10 degrees outside inside the pool it is about 40 and the water is also warm.

Buddy is a 6 month old GSD who has a lot to learn and is making great progress each day...alot of socialization with other dogs has been incredible...he is learning how to be part of a stable pack and it is beautiful to watch him grow

Remy who came to me from CT was recently adopted from the Hartford SPCA is with me for a 2 week boot camp

The pool is covered and we will get it cleaned thoroughly and proper chemicals in and then it will be ready to swim in.

We are starting to plan our next seminar..most likely in the Boston area in April...possibly I will do another one in Providence in 2 months to go over some other issues that we did not get to address at this seminar..