Seminar photos are in

The seminar was a huge success...a sold out show and tons of fun..the feedback coming in has been great..I am in the process of editing all of the video taken and will put together as soon as I can get to it.

Kids from the 4H came to the seminar a total of 28 in all, it was great to meet all of them and the love they have for animals is so nice.

Talking about my non-BF Skinner approach to dog training

Waiting for Food is one of my unspoken commands and Molly does it perfect

this is what 350 people look like learning about dog training

Going over the most important component of recall trainig-the 20 foot leash

Kishmish giving a treadmill demo for all to see...he loves the treadmill

there was plenty of time for Q & A, I had so much fun talking to everyone who came to the seminar, there was such great energy in the room it was incredible

Clover made sure everything was going well....

as a public service to all of the haters out there who have nothing better to do than try to bring me down I have set up a website for

I received a call from the Hopkinton Shelter today..they have an 8 year old female lab that is scheduled to be euthanized on Monday...Nina is great with kids very laid back..the big issues is that she is not my advice would be that you set it up just like she was 8 weeks old and crate train her and before you know it she will be housebroken.  I am offering 2 hours of free dog training for anyone that adopts can call the shelter directly ask for Terry 401-377-7785.