Beach work in the Cold

We had some awesome off leash recall training at Narragansett Beach the other day...the ocean was great...20 degrees outside but we all had lots of fun. It is always fun to do off leash recall training on can really see a primal happiness in dogs when you work them on the beach and in the woods. I met a client there and this was the first time doing off leash recall work with the client...I introduced the e-collar to the dog and within 10 minutes we had the dog doing incredible recalls...that is how effective e-collar training this instance it is used as a motivational device and not a correctional device. This allowed Bella to run with Max and Uma and we were calling her off of them and she would seperate from them and come running to her owner...over and over again without fall. Many dogs would go walking by us and Bella would start to focus on the dog and we would be able to break her focus and call her to us. Normally she would have run after them.

Max and Uma love playing on the beach and in the ocean no matter what the temperature was about 20F the other day

Bella, Max and Uma had a great time on the beach doing off leash work

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