Holly Rehab day 1

I have started a rehab program with the Monroe CT SPCA and it started this week. They started by giving me  Holly tor a 2 week bootcamp. This is the most difficult dog that they have. She is highly aggressive and has bit me since the moment that she met me. You will see a video of the first 12 hours that we have had her and progress has been made.

Keep in mind that this dog would be put down in most shelters, I find working with dogs like this incredibly fun to do. I also do not baby these dogs...if they attack me when I try to put a leash on them to work them I need to just put my pads on and go in after the dog or use a 4-6 foot snare pole in order to get the dog on a leash...since I know that once I put a leash on the dog it will be an incredible training experience.

For all of you other trainers that sit in your office or behind your degrees in animal behavior and actually do not work with agressive dogs, keep your comments to yourself and if you don't like how I do this..9 million dogs a year are euthanized, go get one and rehab it and adopt it out, go spend $50,000 a year of your own money saving these dogs lives and leave me alone.

hit download and you can watch it on quicktime..