Lots of training going on

So much for the big storm...either way we had a busy day scheduled...lots of dogs needed lots of training and it was lots of fun.

I won't have a video up  tonight....too much to do and not enough time to edit..but I have some great footage for all of you to see...Make sure you all tune into my radio show this Saturday on AM790 from 7-8am I will have some HUGE news hopefully..I am in the middle of my contract negotiations with the station coming up on my 1 year anniversary of the show..so I have been negotiating long and hard this week and I will announce what will become of the show...

Berger in the Place command in my office while I get some work done. I always have a dog with him no matter what I am doing, this way the dogs can get the most amount of training per day

Holly in PLACE while I get some office work done...she is coming a long way since I picked her up last week

who is that dog NOT biting my hand......Holly is making incredible progress..she is up for adoption...who wants her....she will do really well with a female owner..and she does great with other dogs, my kids all of the women on my property...is doing much better with me, but I would like to see her go to a female owner...email me jeff@solidk9training.com

Holly having a little freetime in my kitchen with Linda and who is that little 3lb dog in PLACE..oh that's Kaiser...lindas new chihuahua and yes she trains the dog with my training system

Remy in Place while I read the paper....the kids are running all over the place and Remy is doing so great.

Training w/clientsJGellman