Who says I Don't cuddle with dogs

Still making great progress with Holly..one thing that I am still having is having her feel comfortable when she is off leash coming to me comfortably and still does some avoidance. When she is on a leash she comes over to me without any avoiding at all...the power of the leash is incredible. When I then move towards her and try to grab her she avoids me, when I actually grab her she immediately calms down. So the act of moving my hands towards Holly freaks her out. This is no surprise considering the amount of mistrust she has with people and with men in particular. So after a long day of training and working on commands I brought her inside went over to the couch and sat down in a chair to read the paper. I called her up on the chair and had her lie down on the ottoman in front of me..we hung out and read the WSJ for about 30 minutes. I would constantly move my head towards and away from her head. Good training and good bonding experience.

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