Holly is learning every day

Holly is making some incredible progress and had her first pack walk which is very therapeutic and a big moral booster. She loves riding in the van and is very comfortable. I am looking for a forever family for her. It would be nice if she could go from me to a new home and not have to go back to the shelter to wait for a home. If someone is willing to adopt her I will give her another week for free of board and train training as well as 2 free hours of at home training.

the calming effect of a pack walk is very important factor in the training of dogs.

Holly loves riding in the van...sometimes she will also just lay on the floor next to me while I drive which is HUGE, we are building some incredible trust and this is done through training

I also have been taking Holly to clients houses with me so she can start incorporating what she is learning. The more work she does the better for all of us. Lets get this dog adopted. I am training her at no cost, so someone step up to the plate and find her a new home. She is great with other dogs, great with children and with all females. She is  a little apprehensive around men, but this is getting better and better each day. I will be getting other men involved into her training program very soon.