Holly Rehab week 2

We are into week 2 with the rehab of Holly who came to me from the Monroe CT SPCA, they gave me their most difficult dog they had..a dog that pretty much was deemed unplaceable. I am doing all of this Pro-bono and will always have a new dog from them every 2 weeks.

What is the secret to the success of my training? Structure, Structure, Structure. It has been incredible to see change in her...she has turned into a fearful dog that would bite anyone in site to a dog that can trust humans and learn to love and respect us.

Don't tell anyone this but last night I went into her kennel, sat down on the floor she came over to me and layed down, put her head on my lap and I stroked her head and we talked about the past 10 days. I told her how proud of her I was of her. I told her that this was just the start of a new life for her and that I was going to find her a home. She looked up at me and smiled. 10 days ago when I entered her kennel she tried to rip my face off.

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