Winning another award

A few things worth talking about that have happened in the last few days..I got a wonderful thank you card from the 4H group that came to my last was so nice of them to do that.....

The Animal Print Magazine Best Of issue is coming out in a couple of weeks and word has it I won something. We will announce what I won on the 6th of March at the RI Pet Show

I had a dog that I had to get to the ER today, one of the dogs was a little lathargic and throwing up just to be careful we went to the vet...Berger has been with me for about 10 days...he came to me a 6 month old out of control puppy.

Check out this downstay, not exactly the place I wanted to be practicing this but we do all of the training so when we need it the dog does it...Berger you are doing great...keep it up

Just picked up Leia yesterday and she is doing well ....this is the first time she was in Place while I ate was a new concept for her..she wanted to sniff around the kitchen..see what all of the nice smells and sounds that were in the house.

Make sure you tune into the radio show this Saturday from 7am-8am on AM790 to hear about the latest changes happening with my radio show. Feel free to call in at don't even have to have your radio on..just call up the show and ask your dog training questions.