The Place Command

As promised I put together a video for the Place is one of the most popular training advice that I give on my weekly radio show. Everyone should work on this and train all of their dogs this will change your life.

To go along with my big announcement tomorrow about my new contract with the radio station  is a exciting new bumper sticker campaign.  Seems like some other dog trainers are spending a little too much time trying to derail my success and hard work. I have always had an issue with someone who tries to take away or destroy my livelyhood. I have a wife and 6 kids and a mortgage to pay. If you don't like someone or what they stand for fine. It is okay to disagree but to make an all out effort to rally other trainers to keep me down is just not ironic that the more the other trainers try the bigger and bigger I get. A new radio show, more training seminars around the country and I am busier than ever.

So my little contribution to all of the haters is the bumper sticker campaign that I will be launching at the upcoming RI Pet Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center on the 6-7th of March. We will have a booth as well as doing all of the obedience demo's with a specail surprise guest at the show. You will be able to get your bumper sticker at the show.

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